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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 9, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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defense attorneys present their closing arguments today. >>a good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the internet. tonya francisco slut cook county criminal court with our top story: >>the prosecution began 30 minutes late today beginning by showing the death photographs of all three victims julia and jennifer hudson were in the courtroom at the time and lower their heads instead of leaving the court room and as they have done in the past when the photographs were shown ... the
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prosecution maintains that william balfour flew into a jealous rage and executed members of her family ... singer actress jennifer hudson was the first take the witness stand for the prosecution who got emotional when she spoke of the murders of her family members ... dozens of witnesses would follow testifying how they heard william balfour trend to kill his estranged wife julia matteson and her family there was explosive testimony from his girlfriend as he told her he killed those family members and mentioned that the little boy was in the car alive at the time the keys to the stolen as u v belonging to jason hudson were on william balfour the evening he was arrested for that murder back in 2008 the same vehicle with a body of the old boy was found days later ... but that
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keyes did not appear in the police inventory report until months after the arrest and the keys were not tested until last september according to the defense which was three years after the murder the defense barely put up a case ... it rested without their client taking the witness stand. prosecutors contend that he committed those murders in a jealous rage because juliets in was seeing another man wanted a divorce ... the defense offered an alternate theory claiming that it was the drug dealing by jason hudson out of the family home that led to the death of his family members and himself ... there was no physical evidence linking their client to the murders ... >>it's amazing they can come up with much in the wake of
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scientific evidence and these jurors understand the forensics these days with all of what is on television ... closing arguments are expected to take three hours after which the judge will give instructions to the jury ... if everything goes according to schedule there should be a case handed over to the jurors this evening chicago police are looking for a gunman who shot two men heading north side gas station early this morning nancy loo is live in the lakeview neighborhood with the latest >>this usually busy citgo station is back in business but it was closed and taped off this morning the scene of a double shooting two men are now hospitalized in serious to critical condition as police tried to figure out who would shoot them and why. the two victims were sitting in a tow
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truck which was parked often at the citgo here when there were shot at about 3:00 this morning according to a gas station owner to surveillance honors cameras captured the incident and the gunmen wore masks ... the gunman came through the alley and made sure that the same person he wanted was in that vehicle he looked at them and used both hands in his stance when he shot them >>one man was shot in the chest and abdomen and made his way across ashland to a bar where customers try to help and the bartender called police >>the other man was shot in the neck >>the customers were trying to get the information from him but he did not know >>the names of the man shot were not released the tow truck is privately owned and operates
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independently at this point it isn't clear whether the shooting will be linked to their business in any way ... chicago police are looking for the person who drove a van into a best buy store in logan square it happened around 545 monday morning at the best buy on north elston avenue police say someone smashed a cargo van through the door and handed up stealing 300-400 i pads along with other merchandise the alarm at the store did go off but the robber got away so far no arrests have been made his story became a movie of the week but do not expect to see drew peterson as murder trial on television illinois pilot program to allow cameras in trial courts will likely not be approved and will county in time for the peterson trial is expected to begin this summer of
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the former bolingbrook police officers charged with the drowning death of his third wife kathleen savio back in 2004 he is also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson ultimately it will be up to reach judge to decide whether or not to allow cameras in those court rooms for months after suffering a stroke that left him with left side paralysis' and impaired speech senator mark kirk is seen in new video undergoing therapy the video shows him working with the help of therapists in using a cane with a four pronged base his lower left rate is in a brace and his demobilized left arm is supported by a slang used during rehabilitative sessions he also speaks from a chair in the video posted by his aides on you tube part of the video was shot at the rehabilitation institute of chicago where senator kirk is an
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outpatient doctors who have seen the video say he is making excellent progress toward recovery but still has a long way to go builders of a planned three tower development along the chicago river must present their plans at an upcoming community meeting the development a set to go up at the historic wolf. just west of the merchandise mart it calls for three towers the largest tower would be 900 ft. tall but concerned citizens for the new residences would cause excess traffic congestion and block views of a nearby condominium on canal street alderman brendan riley announced a yesterday that developers must meet with community members and lay out their plans even before they take the initial step to file for a formal application with the city the chicago bulls are staying alive in the playoffs they beat philadelphia in game 5 of their series last night 77-69 to avoid
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elimination coming up next at noon a russian airliner disappears from radar during a promotional flight over indonesia's and we now know a double agent was the one who foiled an al-qaeda plot to blow up u.s. bound airliners and the end of an era in indiana and washington d.c. as the longest serving republican in the united states senate is ousted from office
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spy. the new york times said that he was an intelligence agent for saudi arabia who volunteer to infiltrate the terror group in yemen. he uncovered a so-called " underwear bomb " designed to pass through airports security. al-qaeda wanted him to where the device onto a plane bound the united states and the fbi now has that bomb. a russian plane believed to have 44 people on board disappeared from radar during a demonstration flight in indonesia the plan lost contact with the air controllers after the pilot requested permission to descend it then disappeared from screens while flying over a mountainous area passengers
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included indonesian businessmen and russian embassy officials off the plane is the same sort as the one seen in this video and is one of russia's newest civilian airliners there were no surprises in thursday's presidential contests as mitt romney when the republican primaries in indiana and north carolina and west virginia but in indiana the longest serving member of the united states senate lost his reelection bid six term senator richard lugar was defend defeated by indiana state treasurer richard murdock who won the gop primary with the support of the tea party movement as he congratulated his opponent last night he said serving the people of indiana in the united states senate has been the greatest honor of his public life murdoch will face democratic congressman joe donnelly in the general election in november senator lugar said that he hopes that murdoch will win and that mitt romney will take back the white house for the republicans
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... and in wisconsin the democratic mayor of milwaukee will take on republican gov. scott walker next month's recall election tom barrett receive the most votes in yesterday's primary back in 2010 barrett faced walker in the race for governor he lost by six percentage points this vote for tom barrett comes after democrats launched the recall against scott walker last fall it came in response to walker's move to strip state employees of collective bargaining rights voters in north carolina passed a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage the amendment defines marriage as solely between a man and woman this means that the state will no longer legally recognize civil unions supporters say that the measure is needed to stop future efforts to overturn the law and redefine marriage opponents worry that the measure could jeopardize domestic violence protections and
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couple's health benefits coming up the fda gives favorable reviews that the first bill could actually p
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cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage. oil stocks and gold are all getting hammered today it is day six that crude oil has been on the decline that's the longest run in nearly two years it's in reaction to the ongoing struggle economically in europe ... greece still struggles to form a government ... crude oil futures kept up the decline after the energy department said stockpiles rose more than expected ... and markets are
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down for the sixth straight day in reaction to the european turbulence ... gold has dropped to a four month low investors are turning away from the commodity and investing in the dollar instead coldest trading $1,500 an ounce down from its all-time high ... all of this after commodities plunged to their lowest levels of the year yesterday ... more people are taking advantage of all of the deals that retailers macy's and bloomingdale's ... the my macy's program of targeting merchandise to local taste has helped the company boost sales and ford is ramping up production that means a shorter summer break for workers at a chicago assembly plant ... 13 different plans will also see cuts in their breaktime this summer ford says that the move will help to give a boost to output
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the senate still has not reached a compromise to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling senate lawmakers failed to get enough votes to begin debate on a bill to keep the rates steady senators on both sides want to keep a low rate going at issue how to offset the $6 billion that it would cost republicans want to get it from a health- care fund that promotes preventive health care democrats want to eliminate some tax benefits for small business owners and the senate could vote again this week ... and man from roselle claims that metra defrauded millions of people with its multi ride ticket policy now he is suing them the man said he spent $100 on multi ride passes but the passes are only good for one year ones expire the commuters lose money he is suing metra for
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violating state consumer fraud act which requires gift certificates to last for at least five years metra has not yet commented on that lawsuit the shocking contents of pills that are being confiscated by international authorities and later in sports coach cube shakes up his coaching staff amid rumors another team is looking at him for their team and their name came from the english seaside town live music today from chicago's own welss- next-to-sea
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sp being smuggled into the country from china. pills like these have been popping up in south korea for over the past 10 months. customs officials said that they have found more than 17,000 capsules containing the powdered flash of deceased infants the pills are taken for what some believe is a disease cure or to boost sexual performance. a spokesman for china's ministry of health said
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a previous investigation had uncovered no evidence that such capsules were being made in china. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky wants to postpone his upcoming trial on sex abuse charges is scheduled to begin june 5th. an attorney for jerry sandusky filed a motion today requesting extra time to interview potential witnesses and review evidence he is charged with 52 counts of child molestation involving 10 different boys he pleaded not guilty and is under house arrest. the assistant football coach who helped expose the scandal is filing a whistle- blower lawsuit against penn state university mike mcqueary could be a key witness against jerry sandusky. for he said that he saw jerry sandusky engage in sexual activity with a teenager in a locker room shower but harrisburg newspaper reports that mike mcqueary now said the incident happened in 2001 not in 2002 as he originally claimed if that is true the statute of
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limitations on some of the charges may have already expired several dozen catholics gathered in front of holy name cathedral last night to support a catholic nuns the vigil was part of a nationwide series of protests against the vatican's recent mandate on a group representing calf and nuns in the united states the vatican chastise the leadership conference of women religious for not speaking out strongly enough against gay marriage abortion and women's ordination a group represents most of america's 55,000 catholic nuns , it will be measured they won't see catiline's but they are not going to back down the nunn's plan to hold a vigil every tuesday night until that conference in washington d.c. at the end of the month nurses protesting outside city
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hall angry at mayor rahm emanuel for pulling their permit to march before the nato summit
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nurses protesting outside city hall angry at mayor rahm emanuel for pulling their permit to march before the nato summit randi belisomo is live outside city hall >>they held with they called an emergency press conference after the city ordered them to move the rally planned during the nato conference the rally was scheduled for may 18th the city's department of transportation had approved the march from streeterville to daley plaza months ago but the nurses got word yesterday that the tour route had been changed ... the city's stances that the
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march but to end at the petrillo music shell instead of at daley plaza the nurses maintain that the new route will make them less visible as they planned to present a solution to the economic crisis >>this polls nurses out of the public eye we stand together around the world with a strong message that there are alternatives to this g-8 message ... we think there's another solution and that is to tax wall street the g-8 will be held at camp david but the nurses say that it's too difficult to protest their they are prepared to fight the move legally but they have no plan to do so at this point tom skilling has the full weather forecast >>it will be very nice tomorrow after this cloudy day we have
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going today but there are some amazing statistics are wanna tell you about on this current meteorological spring is the warmest we've had 142 years of rather record keeping here in chicago some cooler air is approaching its unstable what that means is the air aloft is very cool ... they're maybe a few showers accompanying this cooler air the cloud towers are building ... they are producing some scattered showers there are some reports of hailstones in homer glen
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heat is another critical element and that's just the normal process that rises the temperatures during the day not everyone will see these passing scattered showers they're moving through quickly ... here is the bigger view on the map. eastern mr. again is seeing tender and lighmichigan as seeing thunder and lightning at this hour this evening we will get cooler is the showers this appeardisappear
12:31 pm
... the temperatures will be rising tomorrow and friday into the '70s by friday ... we don't need lots of rain after what we had last weekend ... we are warm inland less so at the lake... as we look out at the next two weeks there is a decidedly warmer look to the forecast as we go forward. we will cool down of it saturday and sunday and be back into the '70s by early next week. we may get warm
12:32 pm
and humid pressing 80 degrees by the time the nato summit comes into town. across the board there are high values of mold spores the grass pollen and the pondweed pollen are high as well it is 55 at lincoln park 52 out at wrigley where people are getting ready for some baseball ...
12:33 pm
the daytime heating is taking place. we are in the warmest spring on record we are blowing out the record books we are 9.6 degrees above the historic average since march 1st that was the beginning of the meteorological spring. on a national basis the year 2012 is running at the warmest level ever recorded since 1895. looking at the last 12 months across the lower 48 states temperatures across country are the warmest on record since 1895. the tender a depiction of the air mass is showing this warming trend sunday we will be in the mid- 60s tuesday will be warmer back
12:34 pm
into the '70s by friday of next week we will be fairly warm into the 80 degree temperature territory with some humidity accompanying that mild and sunni for the next couple of days with little rainfall today temperatures are eight degrees below normal overcast skies with some sunbreaks scattered showers the high will be 61 degrees. tonight the clouds will diminish it will
12:35 pm
grow clear and cooler 38 degrees to the far west 36 degrees in the loop the sunshine returns tomorrow 67 degrees the high temperature lower at the lakeshore. friday sunny and breezy and warmer. it's a nice way to end it this week it's time now for today's trivia question: the longest game in major league baseball history was played on this day back in 1984 between which two teams the answer [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for many of women's health concerns
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defensive game in order to stay alive in the first round. they played game 5 at the united center last night. they led the 76ers' in the second taj gibson scrambled for a loose ball with elton brand both of them received technical fouls for that scuffle still up late in the third gibson rolled his ankle and went down he left the court but returned to finish the game the bulls were up nine in the fourth with the shot clock winding down and then gang that
12:39 pm
drained a three-pointer he scored a game-high 24 points the bulls won 77 seats-69 forcing game 6 in philadelphia tomorrow night and gibson will play coach cute is staying in chicago but one of his assistant coaches will not be he fired mike catalano after four seasons with the blackhawks he was in charge of power-play and penalty killed which struggled all year coach q also dismissed rumors that he is leaving to coach the montreal canadiens he says that he is happy here in los where the team is heading the white sox were trying to bounce back from their doubleheader in cleveland a there up to in the eighth inning but chris sale gave up a bases loaded single to cabrera and that tide that at 3 still tied in the 10th inning alex rios drilled one of all the way to the warning track and brent
12:40 pm
lillibridge scored from first the white sox went on to win 5-3 and snapped a three game losing streak the finale for that outing is tonight the cubs are going for their third straight victory they trail the atlanta braves by run in the sixth inning alfonso soriano doubled in tony campana to tie it at one run ryan dempster left with the game still tied but in the eighth inning kerry wood gave up the to run single to than only toss his glove and hat into the stands the cubs lost 3-1 and finish the series this afternoon dempster is still looking for his first win despite an era of one that's a look at sports now your live illinois lottery drawing ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 04 7
12:41 pm
here are the winning pick four numbers: 1 7 8 6 the power ball jackpot $70 million
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papillomavirus or hpv and the stomach bacteria account for the bulk of those cases mostly gastric liver oral and cervical cancer hiv prevention and fda panel will vote tomorrow on whether to approve the first drug to prevent healthy people from becoming infected with the virus that causes aids it is called truvada and its approved as a preventative it would be a major breakthrough in the 30 year campaign against the aids epidemic no other drugs have been proven to prevent hiv and vaccine is still believed to be decades away a reusable grocery bag may be the root of an outbreak of a norovirus that struck several members of the girls' soccer team in 2010 the players felt
12:46 pm
ill with the severe vomiting and diarrhea after eating cookies out of that bag scientists were able to pinpoint the cause after the bag tested positive for the bug the findings confirm that the high risk of contamination of viruses in group settings norovirus this caused an estimated 21 million cases of stomach flu every year health officials [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for many of men's health concerns as we age. ♪ ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage.
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at the abby resort and spa and
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the owner of love your bbq barbecue and he is back with us ... giving away his secret recipe >>they twisted my arm so if you go to judge you will find a link to the great barbecue sauce recipe we are going to use today ... >>keeping those flavorful ribs moist and blaring the flavor is the biggest challenge >>that's right you need to start out with a really good spice rubs... we use great barbecue sauce after that. my spice from is 19 different ingredients the
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look at the showers traversing the area ... there is lightning with those showers in the eastern midwest ... but it won't be for long. the wind will be light through this. into tamara ommorrow... we may see some showers on saturday but we think mother's day will be fine sunday there is a sign we will be warming up later on this week let's take a look at the temperatures today we're in the '50s and low 60s tomorrow the readings are bouncing back nicely getting into the mid to upper 60s we will be into the
12:57 pm
'70s by the time we reached friday their 80s in parts of iowa this friday it will get windy as well as you might suspect ... it will be a mild and windy day in the chicago area but looking at one week from friday that will bring warm air coming into the area. we will have warm weather during the nato summit it may also be quite humid. looking at the 10 day forecast we see little rainfall. and the temperatures across the area at the moment are in the '50s it will be 67 degrees tomorrow.
12:58 pm
76 sunny and windy on friday mother stays 67 degrees back into the middle '70s by next week. thank you for that forecast tom skilling and thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon we're going to leave you with more music from wells-next-the-nex- sea....
12:59 pm